01 Mar

The Growth of Showa Denko’s Chloroprene Business Supported by Adding West Coast Warehouse

Showa Denko’s presence to supply polychloroprene, in both dry chip and latex forms, has continued to grow since the USA subsidiary was established 35 years ago. Although Showa Denko had been producing neoprene with DuPont since 1960 through a joint venture, there had been a 55% tariff on chloroprene imports to North America until 2010 which limited the growth potential.
At this point in time Showa Denko’s high quality materials, technical service, and commitment to their end customer’s success has led to a positive reception in the market.
Their first big footprint in the US market was in 2012 when the group opened a warehouse in central Ohio to support the heart of the rubber industry. The growth of Showa Denko has continued to bolster as new grades are developed for various applications. Many new materials have been developed for niche industries to increase product lifetime, reduce allergy concerns, or increase properties that other polymers cannot offer.
Beginning January 2016, Showa Denko opened a new warehouse in the greater Los Angeles area of Southern California. The primary goal of their new distribution hub is to support the West Coast rubber business. This warehouse also acts as a means to increase the total US inventory to minimize risk of any future port strikes. With the addition of this new location, Showa Denko plans to be more competitive and remains dedicated to the technical aspects of their customers production.